Wednesday, February 16, 2011

: ouh ejay:

hyee syangss u know that i miss youu rite.? ejay daa laen uh skg..?ermmmm!nth laa mybe bg ejay xpown bg bee yela kot..huh miss that moment yunk ejay phm bee mehh..tapy now xmcm dulu kn kn ..?huh i relly miss u sygss serwise bee ckp..asl ejay online bee ase ermm nk teg0 xnk kn kn..?bee ase bee diam jew laa like everday u online bee mlz nk gagngu !dunno why..ejay mmg taw perasan bee tat ejay kn.. but dulu laa keyhh now bee da xnk laa rember that thing ! grr sumph nak nanes ! tyme salin st0ry niy,.bee mmg cepat syg kn org mostliy youu taw..becuz u phm i n u know i how rite..?evn bee xjumpe ejay i bee cube nk jumpe tapy mcm2 halangan ritwe..?ermm btw sygs i need you to know..
that iloveyouu,imissyouu,ineedyou ! just a frenz keyhh !ermmm :'(